Bunches of cronuts

Published by Matt

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49 thoughts on “Bunches of cronuts

      1. It’s certainly an interesting combination! Isn’t it funny how some foods suddenly become really trendy, like cronuts and macarons? Personally I think macarons are overrated although the chocolate ones are good! 😀


  1. In Toronto, One of our yearly exhibitions were selling full sized Cronut burgers.. 100’s of people got violently ill from them. Toronto Public Health confirmed the jam atop the sandwich was contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus: the bacterial toxin that caused the outbreak. There good, but you gotta watch it sometimes.. you never know what your ingesting.


  2. I’m glad they’re not sushi (the idea of raw fish sounds horrible)! Cronuts do look somewhat like sushi, which I’ve never tried but would be afraid to eat since it’s raw seafood.


  3. Are they going to be sold in other areas of the US as well? (I don’t live in New York). They must be very pricey if they only sell them in boxes 2 at a time)! It would be a great idea I think if they carried them in Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants across the US!


  4. My only comment with cronuts: just a bit oily (in general) due to its croissant base. Good nevertheless – and the craze is also enjoyed in the east (Manila)!


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