Dirty money

Published by Matt

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54 thoughts on “Dirty money

  1. At 1st I didn’t see the money, but then I saw what looks like a dollar bill near the puddle/curb. (I think it’s a $1 bill, because it looks like George Washington).


  2. Sadly, an accurate (but moving) photograph of an urban street. This is a very meaningful photo. It’s a shame that so many people litter when there’s plenty of trash cans around. People are too lazy these days!


    1. I totally agree with you, last time I was in NY there was a trashcan on almost every corner or at least on each street and even here they are everywhere, but dirty or clean “money” still spends, hope some homeless person found it and put it to good use 🙂


  3. Whoever lost it must have wanted to kick themselves after they realized they didn’t have it anymore, even though it’s not loads of money, especially if they’re not well-off to begin with.


  4. Ugh, I just moved to NYC and I cannot stand the trash in the streets.

    Actually my blog is about my new life here, if anyone wants to check it out it’s littlealliebigworld.com! I’d love some people to read it!


  5. El dinero no es sucio
    Son las personas, algunas, que
    lo son y que con ello
    dañan el medio ambiente
    y complican la vida
    de toda la sociedad
    Muy buena e illustrativa foto, Matt.


  6. Reblogged this on jarrad9 and commented:
    Look at what we are doing to our land.
    Tormenting it, killing it, do we have to be stay so lazy that we couldn’t even be bothered to save our future families lives. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen…


  7. All that dirt & filth in the streets causes sickness & disease, yet there are so many “educated” people in the world who don’t have any common sense, who just contribute to this terrible situation-(what an understatement)!!!


  8. I want a pair of rubber gloves, gumboots, safety glasses, a dust mask and a high pressure water cleaner. I would accept the dirty dollar as payment and bank it. (smile). Great pic Matt – society is tragic.


  9. Food gets wasted too, & homeless people go without food because the employees in restaurants waste food! People should be too ashamed to litter when there’s trash/recycling cans practically all over.


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