88 replies to “Ribs, sweet potato fries, creamed corn, and pecan pie

  1. Sweet potato fries are good for you to an extent, but “real” sweet potatoes broiled in the oven & mashed with some margarine would be more nutritious. Pecan pie with some margarine I think is delicious!


  2. Sounds like a good bit of starch for 1 meal. (Are sweet potatoes considered a starch, or is that just regular potatoes)? Looks like a lot of ribs on that plate-good for sharing with 1-2 other people or putting in a doggy bag to take home to eat the rest for 1-2 more days!


  3. Once in a great while, this kind of meal may not damage a persons’ health-(maybe once a month or less often). Depends on if a person has high cholesterol/diabetes/other health ailments to consider. It would be easy for someone to eat too much of these kinds of foods &/or eat them too regularly. Baked/broiled/roasted meat, including poultry/fish/possibly a great many vegetables healthier than fried. Also, probably everyone has heard that meat, including poultry & fish more nutritious without skin on it. This meal might be nice occasionally for a birthday or holiday celebration to share with a couple of family members &/or friends. (May not be good to give the ribs as a treat to a pet puppy/grown dog, because they might develop health issues if they don’t already, not unlike humans).


  4. Even some children have high cholesterol/diabetes, so this would not be good for little children; & even if they only consume a little bit of it, yet they see their parents/other adults consuming it, it’s not a very good example for them, especially if they witness their family members eating a lot of high-fat/high-cholesterol foods. They could very well grow up thinking that’s a good diet & emulate that when they’re older. Children do learn by watching what grown-ups around them do & say.


  5. Everything in moderation…surely a little won’t kill you…sure looks good from here.You live one life one time.
    Every now and then we must let our hair down and stop sweating it, you know?


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