Web and Email Woes

As you may have noticed, photomatt.net has been down along with mullenweg.com, which means that I can’t blog and I’m not getting any email. It’s very rough! There seems to be a hardware problem with the server, so hopefully the people at the DC can get it sorted soon enough and I can get back to falling behind on my email.

In the meantime, if you send me a message it may be a bit before I get it.

At Les Blogs

I’m here at the Les Blogs conference, which seems to be well-attended. The wifi is mostly working, though extraordinarily slow.  I think the only problem is the chairs are too comfortable, as I see quite a few dozing off. It’s an old-style conference, with very little audience participation. I believe this room is used as a lecture hall, and the format fits.

There are some very interesting folks here, I think the highlight is really going to be the interaction and conversations. If we haven’t met before please introduce yourself, I’d love to meet more people here.

Another Theme: Toni

By popular request I just added the Toni theme, which I had to adapt a bit because it was designed for WordPress 1.0. 🙂

This one has a few color options we’ll try to make available soonish. In fact all of the current themes will be getting some more color, photo, and sidebar customizations in time.

Add to Blogroll

We just added a new feature to the admin bar, the blue thing you see at the top of WordPress.com when you’re logged in.

“Add to Blogroll” does pretty much what you’d expect, it adds the blog you’re currently looking at to your blogroll. It’ll redirect you back to where you were and the link will then say “Remove from Blogroll” in case you ever change your mind.

As always, your links are available as an OPML file if you’re into that sort of thing.