Woo! Another Database

One of our primary databases has been offline for weeks thanks to some hardware problems. Thankfully we've been able to run without it, but the existing hardware was beginning to reach its limits, like driving a car on three wheels. The good news is: it's back. And over the next month we have a lot more hardware coming along spread across the country.

You guys did over a half a million pageviews pageviews yesterday, not counting any admin activity. Whew!

SxSW Wrap-up

As always, South by Southwest was the real conference highlight of the year. I tell people that if they can only go to one conference in a year, SxSW is the one to go to. It’s hard to match the sheer quantity of amazing people in one place anywhere else in the world. There is definitely a strong San Francisco contingent, but what really makes it fun is the people who come from all over to participate, thanks to the conference being so cheap. Also there is always a nice vibe with the film and music part overlapping a little bit, brings a little more diversity into the mix.

This year was certainly bigger than any other year I’ve been, and I can only imagine it’ll continue to get larger at least as long as our economic boom continues.

Creativity Panel

I was just in this panel on creativity and it was fantastic. The sole panelist was a yoga teacher of some sort and had a really interesting perspective on how posture, breathing, stretching, etc can have dramatic effects. It was probably the first (only?) panel I’ve seen that actually got people to get off their laptops. Everyone was up and stretching and yelling at it was great. Good to see more diverse topics at these sorts of things.

Web and Email Woes

As you may have noticed, photomatt.net has been down along with mullenweg.com, which means that I can’t blog and I’m not getting any email. It’s very rough! There seems to be a hardware problem with the server, so hopefully the people at the DC can get it sorted soon enough and I can get back to falling behind on my email.

In the meantime, if you send me a message it may be a bit before I get it.