Getting Very Close

As you can see in our bug tracker, we’re getting very close to the next release of WordPress. Once we iron out one or two more things we’re going to release a beta for wider testing. Users of should see the fixes and enhancements starting sometime tonight! Make sure to use the feedback form […]

Shirt Remix

I did a short presentation yesterday (the “dance off”) at Webzine and I was weirding a Blogger shirt because they had just given me one and they have the best clothing of any of the blog tools. Anyway, Niall felt bad that WP doesn’t have any schwag (yet!) and remixed my shirt.

New Servers

New servers are so yummy. We just got started but we already have some new ones on the way to replace the 3 that is currently running on. The details aren’t too interesting, unless you get excited by terabytes of storage, but let’s just say that Dell and Textdrive are my favorite companies right […]