78 thoughts on “Tax the rich

  1. That’s exactly societies attitude today. Why work when those that do can support me? Okay, you hit a nerve with this one. lol Love the wall though.


  2. Whenever the rich would donate, spend their money to charities or foundations they get exemption from tax or even refunds. I used to think that helping is their way to help out now I think otherwise.

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  3. Sounds easy enough, unfortunately it is a lose, lose, when we tax the rich. Perhaps cut the frivoulous spending, tax everyone who benefits from our government and don’t give people the choice to be irresponsible.

    Do that …….and always take care of those who absolutely need it!

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    No justice, no peace.

    By not contributing to the society or world they’re a part of the richest among us have, at the very least, denied the world’s governments trillions of pounds in public expenditure.

    It was estimated that in one year, in the UK alone, over £120 billion was lost to tax dodging. The total amount lost to welfare fraud however was, you guessed it, much less at around £1 billion. What does it tell you about the government, media, and big business-funded ‘think’ tanks in this country if they’d save money by tackling a smaller problem, that affects the most vulnerable people alone, rather than addressing the bigger problem perpetuated by the least vulnerable?

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  5. I love all the blue – and street art is just so cool. In fact, this reminded me of some pics we took of a side of the building painting (with nice blues as well). Also, the flowers have that 70’s disco feel – totally “dig it” – ha!


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    The rich have been getting away with loopholes in the tax code along with laundering money through foreign accounts for to long while the middle calss pays for it all and the poor fall deeper into poverty.


  7. I love the girl on the right … she has something about her … hhhmmmmm

    “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket … Never let it fade away
    Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket … Save it for a rainy day

    … Pocket ful of starlight…mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm “


  8. De toute ma vie de femme, je n’ai jamais connu qui que ce soit qui donne sans retour ! ( réduction d’impôts, vouloir se valoriser ) etc
    Seuls les pauvres gens donnent sans arrière pensée !
    Un cent d’un pauvre vaut mieux pour le ciel, qu’un million d’ un riche ! 😀
    La photo est belle.


    1. What a clever way to convey the message that the rich should be taxed a lot more than the less-financially fortunate, because obviously the rich can afford to pay more taxes.


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