124 thoughts on “Sunset from Pender Island

  1. so nice – and I like the different aspects going on in the water – there is the orang-ish umber patch to the forefront – the darker horizontal section – which is darker and rich – and then the vertical shadow to the left – but still center-ish – followed by all that placid water bringing us to the back (skyline) – it is such a quiet and calm feel – yet so much interest with that water – and the natural frame of trees.


  2. You are truely blessed, travelling such places.

    … just something … hmmm … strange /or/ divine … don’t know … decide yourself …

    When lookin’ at the picture I see a massive similarity to the WordPress Dashboard with it’s standard color scheme (look at: http://s.w.org/screenshots/3.8/dashboard.png). The black on the left side, the blue, lighter blue and grey and then that orange in the sky.

    What a perfect divine leela :).


  3. it is so beautiful and feel peace. more beautiful sunset also can find in Bali, Lake Toba, Belitong and many place in Indonesia


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