103 thoughts on “Joe Mangrum sand artist in Union Square

  1. I love your pictures. I always wonder if you just stumble on to these things, or if you’re more observative than me.


    1. Agree on your assessment of (1) the photography of these rare artistic gems and (2) the sand artistry itself. Can you imagine the dedication one must have to put everything you love into a piece of art, then realize that it has only a moment of appreciation before it disappears forever? I compare this act as a reflection of Nature in the sacrifice of a beautiful flower to procreate the species and/or food provision for another species’ survival. Awesome!


  2. This is called ‘Rangoli’ in India and been done for thousands of years. Very intricate designs for having fun and bringing good feelings.


  3. Yep it’s Rangoli and its very popular in India. You should see during festival season all front entrances of the houses are covered with colorful Rangolis. I used to do it when I was in my teens, not as good but loved it so much 🙂


  4. This is sooooo cool. How did he do that? It reminds me of the chalk drawing in “Tangled.” I love that movie! I wonder how long he procrastinated before he actually did the project. It would take me weeks to get around to something that complicated! How long does this stuff last?


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