78 thoughts on “Spot the moose

  1. I can’t say for sure — think I se him — he’s left of center; behind a cluster of about a dozen trees — facing toward the left — I think there is another — looks like maybe a female — off to the right and back most of the trees — only can see head and a bit of the back


      1. I think that I found them, but I’m not sure. So how about you put up another blog called, “Here’s the Moose”, with circles around each one. I mean, If you cant tell already, we’re all dying in agony and misery not knowing where they are. πŸ˜›

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      2. I agree with “birchforrest” cuz I’ve been stare’n@this pic2long & still can’t see the moose! 😦


      1. Alas, my eyes mustn’t be sharp enough, I just cann’t locate Mrs MOOSE… sad face:( – on a more happy note, you’re adorable Matty Matt, I see you made down my way to New Zealand, wish I’d known!


  2. Love this because on our visit to Banff National park we walked for miles searching for Elk and wildlife, after miles of walking saw very little. Returned to car park to discover the place was hopping with wildlife, elk included.


  3. Yeah I can’t see it, I thought there was an ear in the bottom of the shot but I guess that’s just where the panorama stitched together. Then I though I saw words in the twigs in the ground in the centre, then I got distracted.


  4. isn’t he resting under the trees? but other than playing “where’s the moose” which for someone who has opened up her door only to have a moose put his nose in, or been canoeing on a lake, and have mama poke her head Above the reeds 4 inches away.. or had their son open the front door and say HOLY SHIT and slam it on the moose’s nose..THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS POST????? no one asked if the moose was a democrat or republican


  5. I think I see it’s hoofs close to the 3rd tree, near the 2 trees together at the center. This is turning into a real riddle! It must be a light-colored moose that blends in with the snow that camouflages. If so, I’ve never heard of 1 of those!


  6. It would appear that you have captured an image of the rare, Newfoundland Tree Moose. Adapted over the millenia to the rough terrain but plentiful trees, the Tree Moose has grown opposable thumbs and can climb over twenty meters, when the tree allows it. Dangerous in the wilderness, these moose can swoop down upon unsuspecting hunters and cause great damage, even loss of life. A cousin to the Flying Moose of Ontario which has been known to spoil many an outdoor gathering.


      1. LOL, we used to have moose in our backyard which were much easier to spot, however I think I found the one up the middle and left. This was enjoyable. Thanks Matt


  7. Such a beautiful place. It definitely looks like somewhere I’d go and be completely happy without a care in the world. I’ll be the moose. But wait, then I couldn’t write… oh the dilemma…


    1. Moose are bigger than deer, bigger than Elk, and if you run into one on the highway in a 1 ton 4×4 DodgeRam, well, the DodgeRam looses everytime. The people driving will too unless they have their seatbelts on. Sometimes when they do have their seatbelts on they still loose, here’s a great image of a moose in comparison to a person and a standard 1 lane road. http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1cuydm/sir_king_of_the_forest/ and here’s a pic of a DodgeRam (RamTough) after hitting a Moose Now we know why Dodge Picked a Ram instead of a Moose http://www.idahostatejournal.com/news/local/collision-with-moose-sends-two-to-hospital/article_823cceb8-e803-11e0-af02-001cc4c03286.html?mode=jqm


    1. Hi Crystal, the only time they are ‘dangerous’ is if it’s a bull moose in rutting season, or a Mama and her cubs, and it’s just they are so MASSIVE of an animal, like having a killer whale on shore..that can run after you sorta, I think haha!! where’s my coffee! One chased after my poor son on his bike one day in the woods behind the house poor kid.(the bull moose) He threw down his bike and ran for home, then a tad hesitant to tell me he left it in the woods because that was the third bike in three months, Kids still can’t even go into a 7-11 to grab a coke without chaining up their bikes in Achorage. . lol, poor kid, how DRAMATIC for a 11 year old, albeit not nearly as dramatic when he opened the door in Fairbanks, but I don’t think he laughs about either instance to this day. (We were in Anchorage when the bull moose chased him. Looking back, if it were me, I’d probably have thought the whole moose population of Alaska was out to get me. )

      But I have many good Wildlife stories, my online friends are always laughing at me and the animals or I should say “with” πŸ™‚ y’know, I thought it was just one top of an EAR of the moose at the bottom of the image almost directly center. I thought someone just cropped the image there. Maybe we could ask him to highlight them, circle them for us blind old women, speaking of myself anyway. πŸ™‚ And Moose Migrate, but to my knowledge they do not hibernate, but I could be wrong about that.


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