29 replies to “The Grove

  1. A nice piece of earth among other ‘stuff.’

    Off topic, does anybody know why my avatar does not appear here, just a generic; btw I am signed in, and it appears everywhere else.


  2. der park ist ein platz auf dieser erde den die menschen ueberall in der welt noetieg haben ein platz um aus zu ruhen und die natur zu respecktiehren es gruest dich matt jasmin aus belgien


  3. Looks like a lake/creek in front of the stand of trees, although I’m not completely sure…I thought I saw a reflection of the trees, but perhaps not. Looks like something out of a story book! The buildings on the right are fascinating, too, & a small group of steps toward the left.


  4. I’m assuming the buildings on the right are homes. Very interesting to speculate on various aspects of a pic where the history/circumstances/perhaps also location are unknown.


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