Pastry trademark violation

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77 thoughts on “Pastry trademark violation

  1. oh WOW! Daddy would absolutely LOVE that. Want – want RIGHT now. Have you ever seen an impatient piggy? Now you do. Off to get the phone and make some calls. Oink XOXO – Bacon


  2. What are the laws concerning copyright infringement with a piping bag and pastry? I wonder if there is a creative allowance, so the bakeries don’t get sued by the creators of Angry Birds, or Sesame Street, etc.


  3. I notice how everyone politely steers away from Trademark Violation ! Lol We are all Guilty of this,, Even me creating a Muppet Cake for my Daughters Birthday. In Reality it only takes a contact form or simple phone call to get permissions. But for a Company Bakery to take advantage of profits off someone Else’s property is a CRIME.


  4. They are adorable either way, and yes, they are probably looking at a trademark suit, but they look delicious.


  5. It could be that the bakery gave whoever the photographer is permission to take the pic, because the bakery already has permission from whatever organization that created Angry Birds. Obviously, if that is the case, then, the bakery is in the clear legally & doesn’t have to worry about a lawsuit. “(Matt Not On Word Press” appears to be shown almost all over the world, so why would the bakery risk bad publicity)?


  6. The people who baked these adorable cupcakes may have also contacted the inventors of Angry Birds, knowing that Matt on not word press was going to photograph them. (Also, it doesn’t mention the bakery that made/sells them, so how could anyone necessarily know &/or track down what particular bakery this pic was taken)? It doesn’t indicate US/a foreign country.


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