Boys in Window


In Ethiopia.

Published by Matt

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46 thoughts on “Boys in Window

  1. great photo. i served with the us peace corps in ethiopia between 1973-75, in the town of kombolcha, wollo provinve. can you pls tell me where your photo was taken


  2. Breath of fresh air! Kids by window-what a hopeful dream in Ethiopia. The happy one who is gently says goodbye to his fellow friend is about to leaping from his present into light…look at the expression of the other sitter. Both have same opportunity but one is willing to take an action with a gentle smile:)


  3. They are most likely discussing a way to get food.Or cooking the fish they just caught. It looks to be morning. its hard to tell it thats water beyond the 3rd child or person in red. There is a pile of wood near by for a fire. They maybe @ their home.


  4. It could be that the boy on the right is trying to convince his friend to keep a secret about something, & there’s too much of a shadow to be absolutely certain, but I get the impression that the boy on the left is not sure whether to go along with his friend/acquaintance/classmate.


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