23 thoughts on “Gentlemen of the BBQ Championship

  1. Loved the photo of the very interesting delightful gentlemen. Very aesthetic and inviting! Poses the question what is their conversation and philosophy about?


  2. The man on the left kind of reminds me of Col Sanders! This invites quite a lot of interesting questions-do they know each other? Are they friends? Have they been to this championship before? (They don’t act like rivals at all)!


  3. Maybe these 2 gentlemen aren’t intending to cook, since they’re dressed so dapper in suits & ties. Perhaps they’re observing others cook & judging their skills/how delicious the food(s) taste after preparation.


  4. Maybe they’re food critics & write articles in newspapers/magazines about various types of foods/recipes/chefs/short-order cooks/restaurants & contribute to their success or failure. Perhaps they are former chefs!


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