Good morning San Francisco

Published by Matt

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89 thoughts on “Good morning San Francisco

  1. This pic inspires me to travel more-I haven’t traveled that much-(I’m from the East Coast). I’ve always liked the idea of traveling & have done a little bit of it, but not a great deal. There are beautiful sights near where I live too, but traveling to many different parts of the country/other countries sounds like fun & an adventure!


  2. Magnífico!!Acredito que temos mesmo que postar as fotos dos lugares do mundo,para que possam instigar as pessoas a terem vontade de viajar e de conhecer outros lugares.Não é só pensar turismo,é pensar também, Cultura local – intercâmbio de saberes,fazeres e sobores, economia solidária local, hospitalidade…enfim, um mundo de conhecimentos!


  3. Am I mistaken, or did a sky writer try to write something (across the right side of the pic)? The combination of colors in the sky/the ocean reflected off it, the lights from (?boats/?ships) way off in the distance look so absolutely beautiful!


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