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  1. I remember doing a brochure several years back for a local, tradition Chinese restaurant that their specialty was Peking Duck. Except their presentation, the duck still had its head on. As we discussed their marketing I explained if we were trying to build up their Caucasian clientele that most of them didn’t really want to see the full duck with head attached and twisted. They did get it 🙂


    1. Which restaurant did you go?Quanjude(a time honored brand)? I am a Chinese. I tasted the classical Peking Duck in Beijing when I went back to China for visa renew. We went to a Duck house not as famous as Quanjude. But the duck tastes fantastic and only cost less than $30 for two people.


  2. Great idea for a blog Matt. Looks like you’ve got a nice following on your photos. The color on the duck reminds me of a great pare of wing tips I once owned. Does anyone still wear wing tips? Keep up the great work.


  3. Reblogged this on Havad English and commented:
    So, hey! In one of our books (Intermediate 1), there is a listening exercises about the Chinese New Year. The chinese woman being interviewed says they have pecking duck and dumplings boiled in water. So… here is a perfect picture of a perfect pecking duck. 😉


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