Well that’s better

The slowness and problems of the last day or two have been resolved. Some of the new hardware that was set up for us had some configuration and OS issues that were causing a ton of errors, but that’s no longer an issue and things are back to normal. Please use the feedback form if you notice anything out of whack. Most pages are back under 0.10 seconds again now.

Thanks to everyone for the valuable feedback during the transition. Now we can get back to adding and refining features you guys have been asking for. 🙂 

Published by Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

19 thoughts on “Well that’s better

  1. I’m still struggling to access the blog.

    e.g. I load the dashboard and then it won’t load the Manage page. so I copy and paste the link in a new browser and then it loads and so on.

    I first thought it was a problem with my net, but everything else loads fine.

    Is it just me 😦


  2. In the new WordPress default page, the option (whereby the readers can click on “more” and read the rest of an entry in a separate page) has disappeared. That feature was much appreciated by the readers. Is there a way to get that option back?


  3. I seem to have a problem creating a new post. It just get stuck showing the progress bar but after sometime it times out.

    Same problem across IE and Firefox.

    It dont think it is my connection because I can post normally on my personal blog

    Is there some work going on….?


  4. Reza,

    I noticed this, too. However, if you stick all your “before the more” text in the “optional excerpt” section, it will work just like “more” did.


  5. Hi matt,
    I need to write in Persian in my WP.com blog ?
    I am the persian translator of WP,
    can i have a localized blog here ?


  6. I am also experiencing the same problem that Ajay first reported here. Also, when loading the Dashboard, or any other admin page for the first time, the browser seems to timeout when attempting to load /wp-admin/execute-pings.php?time=1128892507 .


  7. Matt, I wrote a post about middle-east crisis yesterday.It’s called ‘Is it time for Iran to receive some America military massage?’.Straight after that, I can’t log in my blog anymore.

    I thought it’s maybe because of yesterday’s maintenance. But when I got back to my blog today, my post got deleted.

    Then I posted my post ‘Is it time for Iran to receive some America military massage?’ again, then like yesterday,Straight after that I can’t log in my blog anymore.

    My post is only my opinion, I haven’t done anything wrong, so whoever the cyberpolice is, please tell him to stop messing with my freedom of speech!

    If there’s really censorship here, please tell me where my post goes wrong with rules here?

    I don’t know who I can turn to for help, that’s why I report this problem here to you.

    Thank you,Matt!


  8. on30guy,

    Thank you for your suggestion. However, when I did that, the text inserted into the ‘excerpt’ section only changes what shows up in the Archives, and I still get the entire post on the main page!

    The Good Gods of WordPress, please give us back the ‘more’ option!!


  9. Like Ajay mentioned, I’m still experiencing long delays/inability to access my blog here; oddly, I can access the blog easily enough if I’m not logged in, but if I am logged in, every attempt to access the blog times out…


  10. “We’re experiencing some technical problems right now. The admins know and are fixing the problem. Please try again later!” is on my page for two days… and still there 😉


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