39 thoughts on “Beach in Nice

  1. Wow this looks like or makes me remember and think about the wedding I once had planned to the most perfect beautiful inside and out women of my dreams ! A true soulmate or so I had felt,I ve since then learned she didn’t feel the same towards me and just up and left me out of thin air one day and haven’t sennnor heard from her since I fear that she didn’t trust me or was overwhelmed with her own personal guilt or possibly sick and this is why yet I ll never no they truth. She was my sugar pop one of a koind in my eyes and I was willing to do anything for this women. She may have even been pregnant which we were trying and this was a cdream of mine as well ,anyway you can’t even imagine the heartbrake I ve felt and still feel also this was the start of the end of my life as I knewvit ! I was getting the worse case of identity thief all at the time. If your out there my love your still and will always remain in my heart all my love your man and hubby to be


  2. Nice pic! I love the color of the Mediterranean! The waves almost look a bit rough. We went a few years ago. Not Nice, but in-between Genoa and Monaco. The beach had little tiny pebbles instead of sand. The water was SO clear and calm. It was an enjoyable trip and I took a big swim in the sea.


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