56 thoughts on “WordPress 12th birthday cake

  1. Matt, your little venture has revolutionized my life. It gave me a profession when I thought I was beyond being employed, and when I so desperately needed it. Thank you! and Happy Birthday to the wonderful WordPress!

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  2. Hi Matt! I see WP was great celebration. Well, at some point long ago in an editorial in the WordPress interface to Wikipedia. So it is not by chance the identity of initials: W Happy Birthday WordPress: Margaret Szervusz Matt! Látom, nagy WP ünneplés volt. Nos valamikor réges-régen a WordPress egy szerkesztői felületet adott a Wikipedianak. Így nem véletlen a kezdőbetűk azonossága: W Kívánok Boldog WordPress szülinapot: Margit


  3. Very Happy Birthday No. 12; a truly important celebration for this great WordPress and its team! Many thanks because I feel at home at WordPress!


  4. Happy Birthday, WordPress!

    For your Birth, I am grateful-as your genesis has gifted more hope and Light to me than I can ever repay. I am grateful for this community, both as a poet, and as a human being.

    Blessings to you Matt, and to all who work at WordPress and call it home: In the year to come, may you find your footsteps lit up with Stars, and your dreams painted with rainbows…

    Blessed Be.


  5. Hi matt. Really happy birthday yo all WordPress workers (and you too) from Argentina. Really have a fun day writing in my blog. Thanks for all the efforts.


  6. Like a child, not yet a teenager quite, WordPress is doubtless still very much learning, and naive.
    Like a teenager, just about to ‘bud’, others can find his/her behaviours and communications very confusing and frustrating. This is especially so with those others who are themselves battling to make sense of a new world (of technology).
    It behoves the responsible ‘adults’, especially those who brought young ‘WordPress’ into the world, to provide sufficient guidance and support. This needs to include communications with the ‘others’ which will help the youngster’s relationships with them, rather than make any misunderstandings even worse.
    It is in young WordPress’ best interests to ensure that the new friends and ‘followers’ have useful, helpful insights into the needs of ‘WordPress’ , otherwise those ‘others’ may find it too difficult to stay friends and stay ‘following’. This would be such a waste, as those friends are most likely all very interesting folks who will bring enjoyment and excitement into the young life of ‘WordPress’, over time, and also now.


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