Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Published by Matt

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103 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

  1. I recently re-watched a movie, where a main character first said, “You could search for the perfect blossom your entire life and it would not be a wasted life” and later said, “They are all Perfect” – 🙂 I think the last statement is true – 🙂 Beautiful pic!


  2. wow its really beautiful. We also having this kind of tree. which is called as Roberosia. Flowers comes only one or two times per year. Larger trees and very beautiful.


  3. Very nice. we have some fields full of it when i’m going to my work. it’s pretty blossom and it will become so gorgeous and delicious fruits ! Nature is wonderful !


  4. Dear Matt,
    I am a new blogger who so far truly enjoys it. My only problem is, no followers, likes, or comments. Now I know that’s expected because I’m new but I see your blog and you’re obviously doing something right. Could I get a few pointers?


  5. Wow, your blog is amazing and so are your pictures! This is a little silly but I’m a new blogger and I really want to have an amazing blog like this one. Do you have any tips for me?


  6. It’s so beautiful, when they’re all out. I was so lucky to be in Tokyo when the cherry blossoms sprung out this year. I also find it interesting how the japanese kind of celebrate it, with so many things (cake, ice cream, etc.) with cherry blossom flavour. Sakura. 🙂


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