You had one job!

Published by Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

76 thoughts on “You had one job!

  1. Similarly I was asked yesterday if I wanted whole milk with my vanilla latte…I responded negatively and requested skim milk.

    “We don’t have no skim. Only whole.”


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  2. Reblogged this on Living Life Day by Day … and commented:
    So many things to do and so little time … and then – this! I know the feeling only too well, especially if I’ve left my transaction until the eleventh hour. Still, it’s a great aha moment which brings a smile to our faces and pain to our hearts – as we try to figure out our next plan of action in answer to the question: “Would you like to continue?” 😀

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