Love is telepathic

Published by Matt

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24 thoughts on “Love is telepathic

  1. I think it’s partially true..neurobiology says when we think of someone, they “know” or really feel it and we end up seeing them…however, nobody “knows” how we it ,bc love ain’t what you say, IT’S WHAT YOU DO!


  2. When it comes to love, it is in my opinion very much telepathic. The feeling anyway, but when you love someone showing the love is important to keep the telepathic waves flowing.

    On our Anniversary two days ago my husband took me to the restaraunt (under a new name) where we had our 1st official date. ( I say “official” as we had been phone buddies for months prior without going on a single date, even though we spoke at times for hours per day.

    It was a wonderful surprise, but even more so, when we walked outside after the meal, talking about what we did and said almost 23 years ago. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him again. Love is wonderful how ever we find it telepathically or not. Keeping the love growing takes being kind, thoughtful of each other, understanding, patient and not letting a day go by without lots of physical touch. Kissing 3 x’s minimum has been our rule. NO MATTER what and we hug a lot!


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    Life is full of obstacles that you face, sometimes you don’t know what’s round the corner. In this circumstance you have to be strong, life has opportunities and you have to make the right decision. In teenage years you have to seize your opportunities because education is really important, you can have the qualifications and good work experience, but if you don’t have health, strength, morals and values is hard to move on. In my school, college, further education work experiences, I couldnt ask for anything different, life has not been easy but I have stayed grounded. Being in relationships and looking back you realise that love is a strong word, love has two means you can love someone, or you can be in love, it’s easy to say love you, but being in love with someone is two different meanings.


  4. Thank You for clarifying an earthshaking reality in a world of dysfunction. Love is telepathic and if that wasn’t so true, I’d say we should shout it from the rooftops. That eloquent statement should in all probability be proclaimed with the dignity it deserves -not scrawled on a wall as though a tormented artist was going against the establishment or something. You have a great eye Matt. I’m from Thepeoplesuniversitysa and I’m just setting up the library and would like to exchange links if your interested. – Fayrooz – Cape Town


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