22 thoughts on “Rothko

  1. That’s really perfect. I have only one book about Rothko (bought it after being at the exhibition in Munich back in 2010). The painting on the cover of the book is the one you posted… Thank You 🙂

    Just looked up the name: It’s No 8 The White Stripe
    And you have that White Stripe surrounded by the lightblue in the horizon picture.

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      1. hmm, hmm, hmm … I think I have to correct that. Is it really an original Rothko you’ve photograped ?!
        The original White Stripe (1958) is almost square, and I just wondered about your format and some details aren’t matching with the print in my book and a google search also …
        Anyways. It’s a nice one!
        Maybe a White Center Version from the Reproduction-Gallery Website ?!


      2. OK. Finally … It is White Center, 1957, 213.36 x 182.88 cm

        proof at: http://collections.lacma.org/node/235786

        and NOT No. 8, White Center, 1958, 207 x 232,4 cm

        To make the confusion perfect, there’s another painting of Rothko called White Center, 1950,
        but it’s with yellow and some pink in it: http://www.markrothko.org/white-center/

        You should come to Munich and visit Lenbachhaus, HypoKunsthalle or Haus der Kunst (Postwar Exihibiton).
        Two of them have WordPress powered Websites 🙂


      3. OK. Finally … It is White Center, 1957, 213.36 x 182.88 cm

        (there’s a typo in the other longer post, don’t publish it, sorry it’s late here … goog night)

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      4. Shouldn’t the fact that there’s this much confusion between two different paintings be a bit of a sign pointing to a lazy repetitive painter? I never could handle this abstract simplicity sort of stuff. I file this guy right under Duchamp, and that guy makes me angry just thinking about him, lol.


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