Around Florence











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31 thoughts on “Around Florence

  1. Each Photo tells a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    Dana Guidera
    Author of Twenty-Two Poems from Life


  2. Lovely Pictures … and exactly 2 hours and 40 minutes later the rain and thunderstorm arrived ca. 600 km north of florence 😀
    BTW the legs look hot … I guess?! 😉


  3. Aha! … you are in Italy now. Capturing some shoots; and viewing the right angles, in it. _In my case_once I make some shoots; it is just ( a particular moment -in view-), and decide to make that photo. “Predilection just this, what is in view”.


  4. (Images are pixeles) (…) colors are transmitters, too. But the global value – (is in the whole frame of a shoot) (…)…..). sometimes; we just pick up; this what is concerned ,-, who recalls, -momentums- in a memory. (Even if low in value or, high) . high it will be if; the recall determines it (insides) as so .. without complaints. (Obviously high). (…)


  5. Hi there. We were in Pisa when the rain came down in bucketsful this week, sheltering under a cafe awning drinking coffee and beer and must have then wandered round Florence with our eyes shut and missed all the wonderful sights and sites you captured on your trip. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Picture is a réflex … this what you take -is a réflex-, of parts: (in view I change the distance and the aspects varies (of yourself). A micra of change; changes all; like in the colors. (….) .


  7. I understand bits, in photography. A commandeur of space crafts; has to do -with more complicated, things-, than this brief explanations, I gave in it. /Have nice day Ma:tt/.


      1. I think the cloudy weather is what makes it so nice to look a little bit longer at it and discover … Haven’t seen the boots / legs from the GUESS ad at first (maybe a male observer would have been faster) … but this little things make it even better … It’s one of the first things you kinda associate with Italy … as a country … the shape on the map.
        So it’s a perfect italian holiday picture, innit?!


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