21 thoughts on “The state of newspapers in San Francisco

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    The age of technology, is it a good or bad thing? Although I love how easy it is to access whatever my heart desires, this is just sad. It disgusts me to think that soon this may be everywhere, and I know it’s very hypocritical of me to use the internet and say I despise what the internet has done, but seriously, newsprint is rad! It has a feeling of nostalgia, a time where simplicity was once complexity. They have that funky smell that makes a child want to touch it and paint on it, it’s versatile. Of all great things that come from these pieces of paper, the best is the fact that once it is published, it’s published. There is no going back and changing the information, history cannot be rewritten.


  2. Sad but showcases twitter and FB era, we are in! It definitely takes away the charm of a newspaper. My heart fell when Borders were closed. Now, this! Soon paper, a 4000+ year discovery of mankind, may just be extinct!!
    I hope people are at least reading (legitimate) news on their tablets or smart phones!!


  3. Sad, but if we mourned for the horse-and-cart and not welcomed the car, and (add other things that have changed our lives)…
    Digital disruption continues. May it do more good to our lives than not.


  4. Amazing how a photo can have so much impact. Just this picture of empty newspaper boxes states how much our generation is now living in the “digital age”. Been browsing through your stuff, and I really appreciate how your photos show a slice of daily life. Most of the pictures don’t look like they are excessively staged, rather it’s natural life happening in front of your lens. Thanks for sharing


  5. As a former journalist, this is sad, but I’m coming to terms. I can’t get papers on the right date, or they’re not available at all – as in this telling photo. Oh well, change, evolve with the times or die!


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