19 thoughts on “Got an awesome Māori Pounamu at #wpakl today

    1. Pounamu is the New Zealand indigenous (Māori) word for the New Zealand variety of jade, also referred to as greenstone. He did not buy it, it was given him as a gift. The couple who gave it to him took it to the river and had it blessed too, by which act it has become a true taonga nui, sacred object and Matt seemed to appreciate all of this. It was a nice moment.


  1. What´s the meaning of this shape you are wearing “Matt” … a sincronizateur it isn´t. (Those designement are not from this earth). (Other kind, of technology) Designed it.


  2. I never knew that these are named Pounamu. Thanks for that 🙂
    (I have also one thats quite simular to yours (from Hokitika or nearby) but without the fine carvings. Always perceived it as a fish hook, but now it looks like a wave of the eternal ocean 🙂 )


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