29 thoughts on “Tamarama

  1. Beautiful beach! The waves are calm. The sky, clouds, rocks & vegetation look lovely surrounding the ocean! Where is this? (I never heard of this place either; just as I never heard of Bondi).


    1. This is just a small part of Australia ittybunnny, there are many more beaches that make these places look dull and uninteresting which they are as far as I’m concerned, the Northern Beaches are far superior as are the beaches on the sunshine coast of Queensland and the Western Australian coast which runs more than 2000 kilometres. Perhaps you should pay us a visit, this is one country where you Yankees are generally welcome

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      1. I forgot until just a few minutes ago-Australia has opposite seasons to the US. We’re approaching summer on June 21 & you’re approaching winter. How very fascinating!

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    2. Yes we’re going into winter it will be quite cold soon down around 7° or 8°C which is roughly 44°- 45°F which we find cold stil it’s nothing like the temperatures you get, frost and snow are unknown in Sydney but if snow and skiing is your thing we do have some pretty good snowfields some 4 – 500 kilometres south of Sydney in the Snowy Mountains. I prefer to leave the snow down there 7°C is a low as I like it 🙂


  2. was this recent? my comment is this.. I find it quite interesting how a person, me, can get a sense/ feeling of temperature from a photo.. I see cold water and early spring time when my walk would be brisk and i would be wearing a jacket with the front buttoned up to keep the wind out! I love the ocean all the time!


    1. Why does the death of one peson make this place deadly? I think you’re going over the top there. We do have some deadly beaches and spots around our coastline but I assure you Tamarama is not one of them. It’s silly statements like you made that give places like this a bad name


      1. Well, it’s not only that. That beach according to the local lifesaving club is quoted as “the most dangerous patrolled beach in New South Wales, with more rescues per thousand bathers than any other of Sydney’s beaches”. I don’t publish comments without prior research so it is a valid statement quoted from a source.


      2. Actually it’s the idiots who go to the beach and don’t follow the signs that are dangerous and this applies to all our beaches around our country, no doubt the lifesavers along the Northern Beahes consider their beaches the most dangerous, we do seem to get a lot more shark sitings up there than down Tamarama/Bondi way.


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