21 thoughts on “Harbour Bridge and Opera House

      1. The contrast is for sure the main cue to it’s beauty but the distance and point of view offers an awesome perspective of a still image in a moving environment. This image offers SO much detail that it really could never be if it were just 1 Kilometer closer. You can see varying architectural structures from different perspectives and distances all the various sizes and you can even see the coast line. And don’t forget how movement has been captured (Helicopters, Cars on the bridge, boats and I think there’s a jet ski over there :~) I can’t wait to Go Jet Skiing 8~D I immediately think of the sounds I would hear if I were there right now. The only thing that I would like to see would be steam from either a building or a boat.


  1. I am a country girl at heart but this amazing city holds beauty, charm n’ relaxed atmospher. My memories of my first visit will always stay with me. Your photo makes my spine tingle and I smile to myself.


  2. Hi Matt, just came across your blog and it’s lovely.
    And this picture is simply beautiful. so dramatic and serene at the same time. the details that the picture makes available it seems the city stopped for a second for the camera to click to create this dramatic anticipation.


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