39 thoughts on “Fire Tree

  1. We should take you to the University of the Philippines next time. In the summer, the main road is under the canopy of fire trees and yellow blossoms. It’s the closest thing we have to Autumn.


  2. Will you walk with me in the park?
    Talk ,hold hands and gaze into my eyes
    Swaying peacefully with the trees
    As we walk by passerbys
    Will you make us spark?
    With a walk in the park.

    This picture is so Beautiful it needed it’s poetry companion.

    Dana Guidera
    Author of Seven Poems from Life

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  3. Just awesome ! There’s a story in this pics. The buildings at the back signify modern civilization and on the other hand..the tree shows mother earth in ANGER…and it then engulfs the buildings hence finishing the modern civilisation. Cool story….Yo ~


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