Sweet and Savory Martabak being made in Jakarta

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36 thoughts on “Sweet and Savory Martabak being made in Jakarta

      1. I’d been wanting too. It’s just that right now I don’t think I can afford a travel to Indonesia. I’ll start saving today. Haha.


    1. He did sample other Indonesian food such as tempe goreng, beef rendang, nasi goreng, fish curry, soto, ayam in various sauces… I watched him try all these out. Seemed to really enjoy the food… Did you say the chicken dish was your favorite, Matt? How are u enjoying the food in Singapore. Hope u get to try the hawker food near Marina…

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  1. Indonesian food is so wonderfully diverse. Get some Chicken Sate from a street vendor, it’s even better with the Peanut Sauce. In Jakarta Seletan, there’s a restaurant called Ratu Bahari). If it’s still there, you should try their Sweet and Sour Pork.

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  2. Everything about Indonesian cuisine are undeniable. You should search and try Nasi Padang which are quite popular there as their staple food. But look for any stall on the side of the road, such as bakso, soto, mie ayam, and so much which are numerous there. Good luck and have a safe trip !


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