Warhol and Basquiat – Pink Elephant with Fire Engine


Published by Matt

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26 thoughts on “Warhol and Basquiat – Pink Elephant with Fire Engine

    1. Completely agree with you Tony. Basquiat is one of the most influential artist of the last decades. We think he had not the recognition he deserves but their paintings are absolutely amazing. Basquiat is one of our favorite artist too!


  1. Reblogged this on The Art of Being and commented:
    Amazing piece. I only wish I knew what the thought process behind it was; colors are striking and shapes are juxtaposed. Could it be that the pink elephant replaces the white elephant in the room?!!


  2. I guess I don’t get it? It looks like something a second grader would draw and paint. I would not put it in my home for all the money on the planet unless it was my second grader who had painted it.


  3. love how this photo lets us feel the texture of the paint – especially in all that yellow – and to me – this is such weird work of art – and I like that quote about fire from one of the other readers… 🙂


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