20 thoughts on “Water Under the Wing

  1. Matt,
    The coolest thing I thought about WP and honestly made me choose it over the rest was how you connected with your readers. I have been on one year. I have posted and even liked your things. Many many times I realizing you being busy didn’t bring me down but still I waited. Surely I thought he knew I was there. No return comments. No nothing.
    I would give anything to see the world through your eyes. But right now I can’t. But, I do ask this from you, if you can’t speak to is all and trust me I get that , don’t tell us to follow you so we will get followed by you back. It’s a huge let down. I hope you understnad from a viewers mindset. Tks.


  2. Your photos are wonderful; from water, to city scapes, human interests, and still lifes. It’s really hard for me to imagine your life of traveling so many places.


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