78 thoughts on “Otus Variation #9: Cymbidium orchid

  1. The extreme fading from sharpness into fuzziness is very fascinating. (Is there a bit Photoshop in it, or is it just the power of the otus?!)
    The off-centered focus with the single narrow twisted leaf (beneath the voluminous orchids) with the broken peak makes this picture really perfect and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Matt! 🙂
    Nature can be so perfect in it’s imperfection …


  2. Reblogged this on Kazi Rayhan Blogs and commented:
    I lost my word can’t remind,
    The feelings don’t get any melody of a poem in my mind.
    The way of life is stopped by a sudden storm,
    So I keep myself in the house like a prisoner as it norm.
    The sky of mind is heavy as it cloudy,
    For want of tears I can’t cry loudly.
    The moon walks with me but doesn’t come in the heart,
    Happiness comes in the dream not in the hand.
    Lives have ups and down but down for me,
    Dark is in my life,so light can’t be seen.
    A river breaks one side when want to go,
    Life lost both so all are my foe.
    Darkness of a night ends beginning of a day,
    Life don’t have any light as darkness want to play.
    After all,I think about life don’t know none,
    When will I see in the sky of life a lighting sun.”


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