Otus Variation #7: Anigozanthos

Published by Matt

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35 thoughts on “Otus Variation #7: Anigozanthos

    1. Who do you think is he and who is she, crazyguyinthailand?

      I had to think about TWIN[s]/SOUL[s] immediatly.

      It’s more beautiful than the australian bush tango stamp.
      Also a very lovely composition of colors … the yellow and the darkblue with this light pink and light green; resonates with solarplexus and heart chakra. 🙂

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      1. Difficult to say. now when I look closer I see that both are reaching for each other. its like a slow motion video and soon they will hold hands 🙂


    2. Oh my gosh, you’re such a romantic guy!

      big laugh and flowers in the air … springtime feelings everywhere … hugging lovers do not despair

      BTW the photo inspired me to create a new fictional stamp, named:

      60c / INFORMATTIC / ‘Texas Walz’ Anigozanthos 2014



  1. This time I googled. Kangaroo paw. I admire and fell admiration for these plants that can survive in dry areas for so long, and when it’s a new chance..they grow and blossom. I hope I have those roots too.


  2. Pas mal du tout cette série d’orchidées !
    Elles ne sont jamais parasites. Elles ne vivent pas aux dépens de l’arbre qui les héberge, même si parfois elles deviennent particulièrement envahissantes. Certaines croissent avec lui à la recherche du soleil, d’autres vivent en petites colonies simplement installées sur les grosses branches.


  3. For any reason I’m intrigued by this picuture.
    It’s a perfect reflexion, if you can see nature as a guru / teacher.

    [btw came to the conclusion the left on represents the male, bc of that ‘right arm’
    that seems not to blossom but a bit … ermmmmm … strained?!
    (maybe bc of too much smartphone usage?!)
    The right one is like an indian godess with serveral arms …
    It’s funny when you look at it and were their blossoms are pointing at,
    when you know a bit about chakra’s within a human system]

    In getting weird, sorry. Need to get outa here! It’s sunshine today 🙂


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