70 thoughts on “Colorful Jaguar

    1. From what I understand though, I think it might’ve only been VW bugs that were painted in loud colors a long time ago…I’m not sure if other makes/models of cars were painted this way.

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  1. I was in Cape Town recently where I met this cars sister bright colours but with a brightly coloured beaded rhino attatched to the bonnet……..I wish I had kept the photo now! Its so beautiful there that I over loaded my camera. enjoyed looking at your pics…am new to word press and not too technical but hope to see more of them!


  2. Nice one! Living in the UAE, I see tons and tons of luxurious cars on a daily basis. However, never seen such an outstanding one. Love it. Adds color to life. Thank you for sharing.


  3. My son is non-verbal autistic and color therapy is one of several things I am trying out. Golden Yellow, Bright Orange, Ruby Red, Sky blue, emerald green are the colors that help him. I wanted to paint my SUV with the collage of these colors like in picture. But haven’t gathered the courage to do it.


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