92 thoughts on “Boat near Inverness

  1. I don’t know if this picture makes me sad or happy. Anyway it’s a beautiful image, and you have to wonder – what’s the story here.

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    1. Love this photo! It reminds me of being reclaimed! Old, aged,needing to be renewed again, but at the same time seeing its inner beauty as it is falling apart sinking into the mire of life! And you do have to wonder what happened here? what was it like before? where did it travel? and who was guiding its journey? What was it’s purpose? Please show me more!

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      1. Interesting! The only Inverness I’ve ever been to was in Scotland-its very evocative of the place (though I didn’t see any Loch Ness Monsters). My sister lives in San Francisco and I grew up in Southern Oregon-its beautiful country out there. Thanks for the reply Matt 🙂

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      2. Knowing its taken in Inverness reminds me of great memories. Tough to look at it though, Im in Maryland now and I miss Sonoma and Marin Counties something awful. Thanks for sharing Mark


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    1. look above: Matt, March 7, 2014
      “Just really great exposure, no HDR. I did run it through Lightroom but it was taken on an iPhone 5S.”

      ( or have a look at the EXIF-Data )


  3. Hi Matt, I’ll be honest about how I found your blog – WordPress told to me to visit your site. More specifically it said “follow Matt then he’ll follow you.” I’m glad WordPress guided me here, because your images are not only thought provoking – they’re visually stunning.
    please don’t feel ‘forced’ to follow me (I don’t roll that way), only follow if you want not because WordPress suggested 😉


  4. Beautiful symbolism of today’s world! I know there is a word I want to use … but I can’t remember it!!! … representation of deterioration of the fishing industry and our countryside!


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