21 thoughts on “With @itsaproblem and @donaldglover

  1. Matt, I’m still learning how to blog and trying to find the time. Started my blog before my back surgery. Don’t get back surgery, it is a failure and I’m now disabled and unable to do what I love most. Nails. Acrylic nails with awesome nail art. You ask for it, I would put it on your nails. BTW, your little picture with the long hair looks hot!


  2. No press release for this major announcement? WordPress is a tour promoter? All the venues are already sold-out!

    Chicago has been sold-out for weeks. Gotta love it. It’s funny that we found out about this purely through osmosis / random actions.

    We’ll have to blend in through the back door…

    This is awesome and very, very DEEP news.

    Congrats on this huge move; you’re taking some giant steps!


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