37 replies to “K. Marx & A. Smith

      1. Exactly! Graffiti is some of my favorite art. They put the same amount of time and effort to convey a message, a statement, a thought, or just something beautiful to the eye, and it’s just as engaging and exciting and beneficial, but they give it away for free. Remind you of something? Open Source is a way of life. 🙂


      2. I never even thought of making that connection before. But you’re right: there is a common ground between the two.

        All the more reason to separate, in our cultural perception and our legal tolerance, graffiti artists from the taggers who simply deface things with a scrawl of spray-paint.


  1. Disturbing. Such destruction and then see all the way to the bottom. I know “Jesus saves”, I’m product of His love. Just seems a bit unfair knowing people are suffering and hungry.


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