Indoor zoo at Pianos

Published by Matt

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35 thoughts on “Indoor zoo at Pianos

  1. It’s a shame the giraffe’s head/face can’t be seen. Adorable zoo! Who “invented” this type of zoo? It’s a really ingenious idea, whoever thought of it! Are there more animals behind glass, & how big is Piano’s Indoor Zoo?


  2. Is it more expensive than a regular zoo? (I noticed there are a lot of Pianos Zoos in various places located in the US)? The animals I saw behind glass don’t appear to be ferocious.


  3. Skunks that have had their scent removed are not here. (I remember going to the Phila Zoo as a child in the childrens’ section, & my family took me to see them. They were so adorable-I think they were babies).


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