Great BitTorrent billboard

Published by Matt

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48 thoughts on “Great BitTorrent billboard

  1. “And BitTorrent is a secure, distributed response to the challenge of data surveillance: a way to sync and store information, free from the cloud.” – So BitTorrent is saying that cloud data storage has privacy issues? Says the brand that is synonymous with illegal file sharing? I think BT has some reputation issues to work through before it starts casting those sorts of arrows. I see what they are trying to achieve from a netizen ideals perspective, but they have some corporate brand issues to work out first I’d think :/


    1. I think the response would be that big established “corporate brands” were also behaving unethically vis-a-vis artists, and engaged in price fixing (ticketmaster). Obviously, this does not justify illegal file sharing, but it definitely puts the Torrents in context.


  2. This is great and interesting! I think this idea was great to put out for everyone to see, in a unique way it lets the people who are creative and hardworking know that they are being recognized.


  3. I get the impression the billboards are partially public service announcements/partially ads, based on the little bit I could read from it. If whatever company erected the billboards wants the general public to know about the Internet, its advantages/disadvantages, why didn’t they make all of their words in bold print? It doesn’t seem to make any sense to me.


  4. I normally don’t like seeing billboards or giant ads, but I certainly like BitTorrent & the message here for sure.


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