61 thoughts on “Powerscourt Gardens

  1. That is lovely! I’ve seen photos of Powerscourt Gardens before. I love the contrast between the formal symmetry of the gardens and the rolling wildness of the hills beyond. Some close friends of mine who have Irish connections visited Powerscourt a few years ago. Apparently the gardens and estate are well worth a visit.


  2. I like this Picture,I think I may have been There is it in Ireland. I once took a Very well off Couple for a Tour of Castles in Ireland in my Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Now I write a Blog about Dangerous Thai Women


  3. We went in the summer of 2012 and loved it! So beautiful and well maintained. Took some beautiful shots of the rose garden at the end and sent to my partners mom since we were in Ireland over her birthday!


  4. I grew up near there, it was always a favourite place to go on a Sunday afternoon. Wicklow is a great place to visit. I’m living further south now but still visit Wicklow regularly. Thanks for posting the photo.


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