11 thoughts on “Primary colors

  1. A Taste for Color by Lindell Vecchio©
    June 1999; October 2011

    In all of the spectrum we have only three.
    Without them no matter how perfect the vision,
    Black and white pictures are what we would see.
    Nature blends colors with simple precision.

    As the sweet and soft center of kiwi fruit
    Is green, or a mixture of blue and yellow,
    Its course, fuzzy cover is brown in hue,
    Or red plus green to make tincture quite mellow.

    Some plums are a sum of more blue than red
    Because they are purple, a blend delicious.
    Violet, unlike purple, is more red instead,
    And a color for flowers of passion propitious.

    Tangerines are a mixture of yellow and red,
    As the orange inside cantaloupe, yet slightly more vivid.
    To bite the orange color, while reposing in bed,
    Is reason enough to be in love with living.

    For lightening chromas, just simply add white;
    While darkening shades is easy, add black.
    Although the last two are as day and night,
    And are not colors, they do not lack knack.


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