37 thoughts on “Watchmaker

  1. Ca me rappelle mon parrain qui avait son atelier dans les années 70 et 80, réparer les montres était son métier et sa passion. c’est aussi le temps des montres fonctionnant sans les piles plates, qu’il fallait remonter régulièrement. Que de bon souvenir ! Je le suivais dans son atelier.


  2. [ Smiles ] A watchmaker is probably a very creative man (or woman) with more patience than the average person.

    When a watch of mine begins to malfunction, I throw in the garbage-can.

    Splendid photo, Matt!


  3. This is indeed a great picture, I say this partly because I am a watch collector and partly because I genuinely like this picture……..Once again, great picture. Would you happen to know what watch he has strapped on, or witch brand of watch he is working on?


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