London tower bridge

Published by Matt

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88 thoughts on “London tower bridge

  1. The water shimmers with the lights from the bridge, & just a few minutes ago, for the 1st time I noticed the buildings in the background look beautiful also! The river/lake looks very calm & peaceful. (Is this the Thames River)?


  2. I’m not sure, but I don’t think there are any bridges located anywhere else in the world that are as beautiful & intricately-constructed as this 1-whoever built this I’m certain must have put a great deal of consideration into how it was going to look/how majestic it was going to look after they were finished accomplishing their task!!!! Must have taken a really long time, & the individuals must have been very creative & intelligent. How lovely it is!!!!


  3. What a great pic. I have been participating in a photo challenge on my Agent 54 Blog. I think I took some cool shots with my Kodak Easy/Share Z760. Check it out. I also write funny stuff.

    Agent 54 here again. I wanted to make sure I’m not associated with the Neurotic Skeptics Ambivalence (NSA). They tried to recruit me but I couldn’t make up my mind on what I didn’t believe in.


  4. Stunning photo Matt, makes me proud to be English (I was born and brought up in London, though I’m now living in Essex). For your followers who have not seen this bridge before, there are 2 sections (bascules) that open to let ships go through. I only know what they are called because I did a bit of research lol – you learn something new every day 🙂 I was once lucky enough to see this happen while I was visiting the Tower of London, which is right next to the bridge. Awesome!


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