93 thoughts on “Keyboard sole shoe swag

  1. Clever design on the back of the sneaker-at 1st I couldn’t see the letters/numbers/punctuation marks/symbols, etc on the sneaker. The manufacturers should have made the “keyboard” a different color than the rest of the sole.


  2. This unique design may have been inspired by the overwhelming popularity of computers; I’m assuming that’s why the manufacturer did what he/she did. Probably exorbitantly-priced for something no one sees! Out of curiosity, I wonder what they charge for them? Also, what part of the US was this concocted, or was it conjured up overseas?


  3. Maybe it would be a better idea to just use them as a nick knack, not as footwear-keep them clean & just put them on a shelf to use as a conversation piece, so neighbors/friends/family can talk about the “keyboard” shoes-except change the color of the keyboard so they’d be able to see it right away!


  4. Yes, “inking” the soles in a temporary product and printing them in unusual places,like ceilings with the help of someone holding you upside down or an oversize mouse pad, etc, would definitely imprint conversation.


  5. Maybe a better idea would have been for the design of the keyboard to be on both sides of the shoe so it could be seen. (Perhaps part of keyboard on one side/the other part on other side of shoe).


  6. It would probably have to be imprinted super-tiny, but the entire keyboard design either just one side or both sides of the sneaker, but would work better if the “keyboard” was a different color than the rest of the shoe, like I mentioned before, so it would be readily apparent what the design is. Almost no one looks at the soles of a shoe/sneaker, obviously, since that’s where everyone walks.


  7. Гуд блин. Ни фига не понимаю по английски, но давай будем друзьями- френдами.


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