Fat Willy’s Rib Shack

Ribs, brisket, and an amazing brownie.

Published by Matt

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31 thoughts on “Fat Willy’s Rib Shack

  1. Looks like there’s loads of whipped cream on that brownie-(can’t see the latter)! The brisket sounds good, too! The (?walnuts/?almonds) on the dessert look delicious!


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  3. It looks to me like they have a diverse menu, which is really important I think for a restaurant. (Of course, some eateries that are casual only have steaks/hoagies/pizza, but not desserts). Two or 3 people could split that meal; it looks like a lot of food!


  4. I just realized they forgot to put a cherry on top of the whipped cream-would take a good while for someone to finish that wonderful-looking brownie, without even considering the other foods! The dessert/whipped cream look home made-I’d love trying some! What a beautiful meal!


  5. Do they serve ice cream too? Looks like wonderful food-only problem if it was near where I live I’d gain so much weight! (Someone said this place is in Chicago? Well, I don’t live in Chicago, so I guess I’m safe to stare at this yummy food, lol)!!!!


  6. There must be a lot of calories in each individual portion of the meal, let alone to include all that’s shown here. I’ve heard so many times about the importance of moderation. If someone were to just eat a little bit of that food it probably wouldn’t hurt them if they just ate it occasionally.


  7. I never saw so much whipped cream on dessert before! So, the customer’s getting a little bit of brownie with their whipped cream, lol! Looks like it’s a couple pounds worth-looks absolutely indescribably fabulous!!!!


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