68 thoughts on “Orchids

  1. LOVE! 5 nights after he proposed, I had a very clear, vivid dream about how I would plan out my wedding and what I wanted it to be like. I used all silk gerbera daisies (so that I can now enjoy them in my home!), huge country red ones… The music, everything was in my dream. To honor the groom’s mother’s memory, I had (in my dream and in our ceremony) his brother carry a WHITE orchid and place at the altar – the only living flower. Before I even shared my written down plan and dream, my therapist had a white orchid in her lobby that week, AND my roomie brought me one as a gift to celebrate my proposal! Even better than I imagined, when we came to the altar, he had placed an old vintage photo of her in her bridal gown, and it made us both tear up!
    EVERY time I see a white orchid I think of this moment!:)


  2. do you take the pictures your self, or are they ones you find? your chose of pictures tells me that you like your food and things that are relaxing and life that is funny. am I right?


  3. Love reading the comments…i always had an eye for this kind of beauty…flowers….soon you get to see my ready made garden….
    orchids are hardy plants and live long indoors as well….happy gardening……..


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