Tagging on Clarion Alley

Published by Matt

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19 thoughts on “Tagging on Clarion Alley

  1. Reblogged this on Big City Kids und kommentierte:
    Some people call it vandalism, other call it art. Anyway graffitis became more than just tags and pieces – they became political statements, artworks in museums, expression and lifestyle of generations.
    I love grafittis.


  2. Love the hand subtly covering face. I love graff and the truth is, it is vandalism of property in theory but who cares? We don’t, graff artists don’t that is why they do it. It’s sticking it to society and I love it for that. Vandal away.


  3. Reblogged this on Richard's Blog and commented:
    I understand the self expression part of tagging, but why the property damage and the exposure to the brain softening chemicals in the paint? I think these guys could utilize their talents more effectively and get greater rewards if they did things differently.


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