66 thoughts on “With Mom

  1. Nice one matt.. i was going through the wordpress and noticed “with mom” on your blog and was so happy for u and sad for me. the reason is I am missing my mom a lot and ur pic brought me tears


      1. Matt, thats fabulous! I see the pockets now. Thats so cool! I love the rasta asparagus ferns!
        I’ll have to cruise your blog to see more about your art..


  2. at first I am surprised for that your mother very nice and i would to ask you if you want i would like to know how can i make design for blog and back please reply


  3. The mother is everything. She is our consolation, our hope and our strength. She is the source of love, understanding and forgiveness. And that, Mother is you.
    Your mother is really nice !


  4. Quite a lot of beautiful plants/flowers in this photo, & I just noticed a little more closely that it’s more expansive than I 1st assumed. Nice to be out in the fresh air with your family.


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