First meat in 40 days – duck confit

Published by Matt

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57 thoughts on “First meat in 40 days – duck confit

  1. Strange coincidence, I’m doing confit tonight for some guests. In a traditional French way it’ll be served on a bed of flageolet beans with bacon, garlic, thyme, parsley and cloves. And the confit comes from the farm down the road. I’ll post a pic if I have time.


  2. I get you do not know me nor I you! Yet, I ponder, why would he start back up? And pretty heavy for coming off no meat. I get it was the better choice than beef or pig. Yet If the body had been freed up of the work needed to digest meat and the portion upon one eating that much at once after coming off ‘not eating meat’. I ponder further, was it a fast? Oh maybe Lent Oh yes, probably a sacrifice not a health purpose. And then again I ponder further. If it is known that no meat or less thereof is better for the body and coming off for a 40 day brings us to omg must eat huge plateful to reward me, well I ponder again as I think how much time it takes to cleanse the body so it can function with vitality and such a good start 40 days is……………


  3. How on earth did you resist meat for 40 days? Give me the secret -PLEEAASSE! Meat junkie is my second name and I hear it makes one aggressive. One day off meat and I’m aggressive enough to start the third world war!


  4. Both tasty and fundamentally disturbing. A wonderful picture. It captures the true essence of steak. Cut me a slice : )


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